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“Learning to Serve”, also known as “VinFormation”…

  • Learning to serve those living in poverty
  • Changing our ways of thinking about how we serve
  • In the way of St. Vincent de Paul and those who followed him

Official Mission Statement

VinFormation is a formation ministry utilizing the tools of technology. It is sponsored by the Congregation of the Mission to educate and equip the Vincentian Family, inspired by Saints Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac, for the service of those living in poverty.

About the Vincentian Family - Who We Are

The Vincentian Family is a body of many groups who are inspired by the life and work of St. Vincent de Paul, a 17th century priest-reformer:

The Ladies of Charity
The Congregation of the Mission
The Daughters of Charity
The Sisters of Charity Federation
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul
The Association of the Miraculous Medal
The Vincentian Marian Youth

…and hundreds of related groups founded by followers of St. Vincent.

Links to Our Branches

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What is the Vincentian Charism?

Your Invitation

St. Vincent de Paul’s passion– love of the poor– is a popular inspiration to today’s Catholics wanting to make a difference. Our resources are used by priests, sisters, brothers, lay volunteers, missionaries, those working in Vincentian hospitals or sponsored institutions– to enrich their personal growth and help connect our spirituality with their daily ministry.

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Learning online, to better serve those living in poverty

“Now, if we’re really called to take the love of God far and near, if we must set nations on fire with it, if our vocation is to go throughout the world to spread this divine fire, if that’s the case… how I myself must burn with this divine fire!” St. Vincent de Paul

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