Would you like to grow to a deeper understanding of the Way of Vincent and Louise? Ask us about our mentoring program! One of our experienced Vincentians is eager to accompany you in reflecting on our spirituality.

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Online Mentoring in Vincentian Spirituality

Adapting St. Vincent’s “apostolic reflection” to our times.

Mentoring is done primarily online, between the mentor and mentee in approximately 20 minute sessions.

The starting point is always with experience (story).

St. Vincent and his followers believed that experience was revelatory. Based on this model, the mentee begins by presenting an experience of ministry or some other personal story. The mentor then helps expand the mentee’s understanding of the experience in light of Scripture, Catholic Social Teaching, and Vincentian spirituality.

How it works

There is a dialog relating the ministry experience with Scripture, Church tradition, and especially the Vincentian tradition. The dialog happens via an easy-to-use video chat program. There is the potential for a profound discovery of God’s presence in the person’s life and in his/her ministry.

Who can be mentors?

  • 10 years or more as a Vincentian
  • Member of any branch of the Vincentian Family, including lay branches
  • Eager to support others in growing as Vincentians
  • Person of prayer, and basic knowledge of the Vincentian tradition and spirituality

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Goal of Mentoring

To deepen love for and commitment to the Vincentian charism through the support and encouragement of mentors; by reflecting together on personal experiences of ministry, the scriptures, especially the gospels, Sts. Vincent, Louise, and Elizabeth Ann Seton’s insights and understandings of Jesus Christ, and Catholic Tradition and Social Teaching.

In doing apostolic reflection we bring our experiences into a conversation with Scripture and our Vincentian tradition.

“Life must expand constantly through action. Life and action receive their depth and truth only through faith. Life lived in faith must grow and adapt, in order to remain faithful to the goal of eternal life.” –André Dodin, C.M.

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2 Responses to Mentoring

  1. willy February 13, 2013 at 8:59 am #

    I am a lay person who is a member of the st.Vincent de Paul group with a wish to grow spiritually.can I get a mentor?
    reply.thank you.

  2. Lynn L'Heureux February 20, 2013 at 10:18 am #

    Greetings Willy: I send out a weekly prayer and reflection to anyone who wishes it. I send it in English and also Spanish. It is called Vincentian Tuesday prayer and fast and is sent to anyone, anywhere. We pray for each other and the Vincentian family. If you wish, you may send your name and email address to my email. It is as simple as that. Blessings, Lynn

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