The Journey of St. Joan Antida Thouret

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Presentation on the life of St. Joan Antida Thouret.

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St. Joan Antida – A Timeline


1765 – Jeanne Antide-Thouret born in France

1787 – Joins Daughters of Charity

1794 – Returns to her native country because of the revolution

1795 – Departs on the roads of exile across Europe with the solitaires of Father Receveur

1797 – Arrives in Switzerland but returns to France on demand of the exiled priests of Besançon

1799 – Begins a free school for girls and a soup kitchen for the poor at Besançon

1802 – Draws up the Rule of Life and Jeanne and sisters arrive at Bellevaux prison in France

1807 – Rule of Life approved by the Archbishop and community officially known as the Sisters of Charity of Besançon

1810 – Arrives in Naples to take charge of a hospital of incurables, care for people at home, and educate young children

1819 – Constitutions approved by Pope Pius VII, who gives Community official name of Daughters of Charity under the protection of St. Vincent de Paul

1821 – Jeanne Antide returns to France. Many difficulties exist between her and the Archbishop of Besançon

1823 – Jeanne Antide returns to Naples

1826 – Jeanne Antide dies in Naples

1934 – Jeanne Antide proclaimed a saint by Pope Pius XI

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